Season 4, Episode 8
Aired January 21, 2006
Mission Waterworks
Pyramid piece Luck
Winner Green Team
Samadhi Red Team
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Waterworks is the 8th episode of Endurance: Tehachapi.

Episode OverviewEdit

Just when they thought it was safe, the five remaining teams are surprised with another huge twist. By the end of the day, one team will have been automatically chosen to face elimination at the Temple of Fate.


The episode begins with Franke admitting that when he came back from Temple he is both happy and sad because he is there, but Chris isn't. All the guys are admitting that it is starting to get harder on deciding who to send. They all believe that Mike from the Orange team is flip flopping too much on his alliance so it seems he is being targetted. JD Roth tells the teams that the Yellow team took it hard, especially Callie who didn't want to leave. Jeszie reads the letter from the Yellow team. Callie especially appreciates her friendship with Jeszie. Chris and Callie decide to leave their Trust piece with the Red team. Issac is shocked that it didn't go to Purple or Green, but he is okay with Red getting it. JD tells everyone the game is going to change again. He tells them that the team that comes in last place will definitely be going to Temple the next day.

The teams are now ready for the competition. The Luck piece and the Samadhi are up for grabs in today's mission. In today's mission, each team is going to be armed with a piece of canvas. They have to use it to collect water from the lake. They have to take the water as fast as they can to their team colored barrel. As soon as the barrel is filled, it will shoot water into the air so they know they are done. Green got the water in first, but Orange dropped their canvas and had to restart. It looks like Green and Blue are in first place. The teams are getting covered in mud. Green is leading because they get really large amounts of water in their canvas. Red is starting to catch up however with Green and Blue. It seems like it is going to be Purple or Orange for last place. Green won so they get the Luck piece and the Samadhi, but the race is still on. Red is in second place. Blue is done also. It is now down to Orange and Purple, and Orange comes in fourth. That means that Purple will definitely be going to Temple in the next episode. They are told there is one way out. If they win tomorrow's Temple mission, they will not go to Temple.

Franke said that the mission today was messy, tiring and hard. Jonathan blamed the loss on Daniela because she was trying to push the water in, and they wound up losing half of their water each time. Kylie said that she had a huge sigh of relief after not losing. Jonathan is glad that there is still a chance. Amelia comforts Daniela who is very sad and tells Daniela that she came in first before so it's not impossible. Shea and Issac are talking about giving Red the Samadhi because they are strong and they want Purple to have a chance to win the competition. It seems that Red realizes that they have to make an alliance with Blue and Green and Erika realizes that no one trusts Mikie. Jeszie tells Erika that the plan is to give the Samadhi to Red so that everyone else can conspire to give Purple a chance to win so that Purple can send Blue and Orange to the Temple. Erika realizes that it is messed up because Red gets the Samadhi. As Erika says, if they get the Samadhi, Red will try to win. Erika says to give it to Blue to handicap them and that Red will help Purple win. Issac, Jeszie, and Daniela are talking about the plot, and Daniela says that Purple will remember who helped them out. Issac realizes that the decision on the Samadhi will be a hard one.

The teams meet on the island to discuss the events of the day. JD reminds them that they started out with 20 and are now down to 10. They are halfway there, but there is still a far didstance to go. Issac admits that he will do whatever he can to help Purple out and to give another team a disadvantage and an advantage to Purple. Issac says that the final Temple mission will be between him and Purple. Michael is asked about the other teams' perception of him. He says that at the beginning he had an alliance with Blue and Grey. Then Michael wanted to switch to the other alliance, but that because he did that, others think that he is rat. Jeszie agreed that Michael is right that the others think that he is a rat because if someone is your friend, you should stay friends with them. Kylie feels that Michael dragged her down with him because Michael didn't talk to her at all about this stuff and he was her partner. Jeszie admits that this is a really hard decision for her, but that Green will be giving the Samadhi to the Red team. Franke says sarcastically that he would have never seen it coming. There are ten feet of rope in the Samadhi which means they will have a ten foot disadvantage.

Jonathan says that winning tomorrow will be amazing. Erika says that if they don't win, they will go to Temple, so now they are adamant about winning. Franke says that when Green says they are going with Purple to the end that means the other teams mean nothing and Green just wants them out of the way. Franke said that he can't let that happen.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Daniela Perserverance
Franke & Erika HeartDisciplineTrust
Heart, Discipline & Trust
Isaac & Jeszie LeadershipTeamworkLuck
Leadership, Teamwork & Luck
Shea & Amelia CourageCommitment
Courage & Commitment
Michael & Kylie Knowledge


In "Waterworks", teams had to run to the lake with canvas bags, collect water, and pour them into their team-colored barrel. As soon as the barrel is filled, a sprout of water will shoot up. The first team to do so wins.

Production NotesEdit


  • Insert quotes


  • This mission was #5 on the Top Ten Games list from the first four seasons.
  • First episode which premiered in 2006.

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