"Just throw things at them!"
Jackie trying to help Blue win

Weight an Hour
Season 6, Episode 7
Aired November 24, 2007
Mission Weight an Hour
Winner Orange Team
Eliminated Purple Team
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Weight an Hour is the seventh episode of Endurance: Fiji.


With a Temple Mission looming, one team puts everything on the line to save themselves from going to the Temple of Fate ! Friendships are broken as another team is forced to exit the game!

Episode RecapEdit

In the aftermath of receiving the Samadhi, the Purple Team is confused and somewhat upset. They only have one piece and aren't the most physical team, so they don't know why Green gave it to them. Jackie says she's going to stop being nice, which Connor warns her against, but Jackie ended up getting into an argument with Hannah of the Red Team , who she had previously been close with.

After the minor argument, the teams gather on the beach with JD for the second Temple Mission, called "Weight an Hour." The teams each have a counter balance filled with a bunch of weight. There are items scattered around the beach that they'll run, pick up, and put in the other side of their balance. The first team to lift their heavy side to the top wins the challenge. Because they have the Samadhi, the Purple Team has an extra bag of 20 coconuts on their balance.

The teams start running back and forth picking up items. Soon, as usual, the Orange and Green teams appear to take a lead. Midway through the challenge, the Purple Team starts throwing items to the Blue Team , to try to help them win since they probably wouldn't send Purple to Temple. However, it's not enough and the Orange Team comes out on top.

The Orange Team meets in private to discuss who to send to Temple. As expected, they're leaning toward sending Purple and Blue. Since their main alliance is with Green, they also consider sending the Red Team now since they'd have to send them next time anyway, but end up deciding to probably send Purple and Blue.

JD gathers the teams on the beach again, and the Orange Team makes it official, sending Blue and Purple to Temple. In the first round of Temple, Blue picks Water and Purple picks Fire, giving one point to the Blue Team. In the second round, Blue picks Water and Purple picks Fire again, eliminating the Purple Team and sending Blue back to the huts as one of the final four teams.

Game PlayEdit


Pyramid Pieces
Teams Pieces
Jonathan & Hannah HeartPerserverance
Heart & Perseverance
Ben & Jordyn StrengthLuck
Strength & Luck
Caleb & Lauren CourageTrust
Courage & Trust
Will & Leslie FriendshipTeamwork
Friendship & Teamwork

To be given away by the eliminated team: Leadership


In Weight an Hour, the teams but gather objects around them to balance out the weight on a scale. The team that raises their scale first wins.

Production Notes Edit

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Trivia: Edit

  • This episode marks the first time since Endurance when the Purple Team was eliminated before the final four.