Will Cuddy
Full name

Will Cuddy


March 12, 1992

Endurance: Fiji, 2nd place

Beaverton, Oregon




Green Team


Leslie Powell


End of the Rope


Finale, Part 2

Will believes that being both an athlete as well as an actor makes him unique from others. His favorite sport is football but his other passion is music; both playing the drums and singing. He's performed in numerous plays and musicals at an acting camp. Will hopes his positive attitude and leadership skills will take him far on Endurance.

— bio
Will Cuddy is a former contestant and finalist on Endurance: Fiji. He competed alongside Leslie Powell as the Green Team.


At 15 years old, Will was cast for the 6th season of Endurance. He was casted in a special repeat of the year before, where there were only 2 spots left, and the final 3 guys and 3 girls were put up to a vote from Endurance fans to see who would be cast! Ironically, both Will and Leslie, the 2 winners of the vote, ended up becoming partners.


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Post EnduranceEdit


  • Will shares some similarities to E4 contestant Isaac Hainley.
    • Both of them were on the Green Team.
    • Both of them are from Oregon from the same region (Beaverton is seven miles west of Portland, and is sometimes considered as a part of the Portland metropolitan area).
    • Both of them, alongside with their teammate, was the strongest team that season, although neither of them won.


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